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Manufacturing starts with an idea and is backed with years of industry experience.

R&D is what make Labeltex a leading in multiple industries ranging from Fashion, Cannabis, Food Grade Products and more. We’ve focused on providing truly unparallelled quality, all starting with initial design ideas. Over the years we’ve invited production challengers, overcome a multitude of distribution hurdles and still remained a leader.


Starting with a thorough understanding of product needs is phase one. Then we introduce member of our elite Design Team, who know exactly tolerances and graphic treatments. Many projects start on paper and go through multiple design phases which include combining line art, rendered graphics and simulated materials to product realistic product comps.

Once the design is approved our team moves into the Production Phase, where we spec out each item down to the millimeter and include exact specs for manufacturing.


Taking precise schematics, cad's and production artwork we move into the Manufacturing Phase. This phase is where the magic is done and things start coming to life. The artwork is sized in accordance with the specs and setup for Sampling. When those samples come in, we meet face to face and go over the quality.

Once the quality is approved we move into mass production the race is on. We work around the clock, really, we don't turn off the lights. Multiple shifts work day and night to finish orders and get them to where they're needed.


Once the product is made, it's time to provide fast-paced deliver to it's proper destination. Our logistics team is trained in efficiency and organization to keep things moving at top speeds. We can ship anywhere in the world and also deliver domestic product in the blink of an eye.


We work closely with your team to manage inventory. Once items are in production we can ramp up or slow down dynamically depending on needs. This means your customers aren't waiting for product, the shelves stay full and the profits continue to come in.

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