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Hand Crafted

Trims & Accessories

We help the world biggest brands accessorize product that capture attention. Buttons and Rivets are just the beginning of where our expertise comes in. Labeltex has the capabilities to manufacture large scale trim products for a variety of industries.

We produce all types of Paper Products, Metal Hardware, Silicon, Foiling, Specialty Inks and more. Through years of experience we understand the relationship between these substrates, each giving a unique effect that can compliment you product. More >

Paper Products

Hang tags, Pocket Flashers, Envelopes Leg Stickers or anything printed on traditional or eco-friendly paper.


Buttons, Rivets, Zipper Pulls, Charms, Plates, Plaques in hundred of finishes and enamels.


Printed Labels and Woven labels are very popular. We also have Damask, Taffeta, Satin and more.

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Packaging Products

Labeltex is a world-class leader in Packaging Products and Trim Accessories. Over 30 years of experience and thousands of clients around the world. We're here to help complete your product. More >

Gift & Shipping Boxes

Custom boxes of all shapes and sizes for a variety of industries. Special print techniques, tissue and more.

Poly Bags & Mailers

Poly bags and mailers for E-Commerce, Retail, Gift Items and Boutiques. Various sizes and Eco-Materials available.

Shopping Bags

Shopping bags for Retail, Hospitality,
E-Commerce and any other need. Specialty printing and embellishments.

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Our Mission Since 1994

Not only do we produce trims and packaging, but we sell much more beyond that. Exceptional customer service, products and partnership are at the forefront of our purpose. We promise high quality all around to our clients.

Our guiding light is innovation. By embracing fresh technology and design, we push the boundaries of apparel, retail trims and packaging. We are always looking forward - staying current on modern practices and being open to new ideas.

Labeltex Mills employees are the soul of our company. Together, we’re committed to giving our customers the dedication they deserve from their first welcome and throughout our ongoing relationship. That’s why our clients are here to stay and grow. We hope to expand
globally and share our expertise with more partners

Providing Global Distribution

Labeltex has strategic locations with headquarters in Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Hong Kong and China. Curious about our logistics, we can help move your product to the right place at the right time.

Recent Clients

The best brands require the best service. Labeltex has been provide top-notch production for various industries over the years. Below are some of the brands that's trusted us to regularly manufacture goods. Portfolio >

Earth Conscious, Sustainability, Eco-Friendly, why it matters to consumers.

Trust us, we know good packaging, but that extends beyond aesthetics. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) producers like us are committed to imporving packaging sustainability and making significant improvements in the value chain.

Every detail counts, that’s why every product we make including hardware is offerened in our Greenhouse by Labletex line. Looking for a special type of substrate? Contact us for details.

Eco-Friendly for the Win.

Large companies like McDonald’s will be ready in just a few years.

How to Choose Supplies

Ecommerce and Retails guide to getting the best products with mother earth in mind.

Sustainable Packaging A-Z

We explore some of the the most popular sustainable product on the market.

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